Toradora! Season 1 Episode 14

A legend starts that anyone who touches Taiga will be granted happiness or one wish. A boy named Tomiya keeps trying to touch her so that he can get closer to the girl he likes, much to Taiga's aggravation. The cultural festival pictures are for sale and whilst Taiga buys the picture of her and Yusaku dancing, Minori notices Ryuji buying a picture of both of them running towards the finishing line and holding hands and buys it too. Ami is complimented as being mature all day, but after bumping into Ryuji at the market is told she is more like a kid. She later gets a call from her mom and tells her that she wants to stay. Yusaku is told something by the student council president and goes to contemplate it, running into Taiga along the way. She returns to Ryūji's house where his mother boasts that the three of them are like a family. Everyone else is left to contemplate what it is they're wishing for from the Palmtop Tiger legend.

Release: 2008-10-02